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Changing times and venues
As time progresses class sizes can decrease to a size that it ceases to be viable. Once a class could become too small to function properly we will need to merge it with another. We will make reasonable endeavours to find a suitable time and date to accommodate the merger but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Where a suitable time is not available we will refund the payment for that particular class.
Taking Payment
Bath Yoga Courses can accept cash or payments via PayPal only. Payments will need to be in advance or attendance may be refused.
Booking classes
There are two types of booking: i) Pay as you go and ii) and Fixed course payment.
  • i) Pay as you go: This is a fixed fee for one class.
  • ii) Fixed course payments: This is a fixed fee for one or more courses. You still book the classes you can attend.
All bookings and cancellations can be made up until midday of the day of the class you would like to attend. If you do not book before midday you might still be able to attend the class subject to available space (please contact us), but you will have to pay for a one off class at the increased Pay As You Go rate. Please avoid disappointment by booking well in advance.
Refunds and Cancellations
Bath Yoga Courses is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that you are unable to attend a class that you have booked. We regret that we are unable to offer an alternate for missed lessons. Unfortunately, what seems to be one simple request is impracticable when spread across all clients. For instances where rooms cannot be found to hold a yoga class you will be refunded the credit or we will endeavour, where possible, to arrange an alternative date for the class.
All property left in the yoga room or in any changing areas is left at your own risk. Bath Yoga Courses and its Associates cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions.
Medical conditions & illness
Should you feel ill or have a medical condition (as prescribed by a Doctor) you should tell your yoga teacher before the class. Only teachers who have a Junior intermediate 3 Iyengar Yoga certificate can teach clients with a medical conditions under mentoring from a senior teacher. You should take advice from a medical practitioner before attending the class and as such will be entirely at your own risk.
Withdrawal of Service
Bath Yoga Courses may at its own discretion refuse entry to its clients to its courses for whatever reason.
Privacy & Noise
Whilst waiting for your class, please keep noise to a minimum. Please do not enter the room until your teacher invites you in as the teacher might be preparing for the class.
Whilst it is our policy that we aim to ensure you have the same teacher, we cannot guarantee this as teachers fall ill, leave etc. Unfortunately we cannot give advance warning of when this may happen and, whilst we always try to limit it, it is necessary part of our commitment to quality.
Exclusion of Liability
To the fullest extent allowable in law Bath Yoga Courses and its Associates except no liability for loss or damage from your participation in classes and such participation is done so at your own risk.
Data Protection
Bath Yoga Courses and Associates are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect from you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
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